Nicknames : Nate
Gender : Look below
Orientation : Bi - Female lean
Age(s) : 17-24
Postlength : semi to para
Link :


Full name: Nathen Jay Woods

Birthdate: 8-21

hight: 6'2
hair color: black
eye color: dark green

Tribe: Blackfoot

family: both parents are alive but spilt up when he was was 10. Lives with his father full time and lives with his mother on the weekends untill she moved away.
Backround:  He was a good kid untill his parents slipt up and his mom remmarried within the year she left his dad. He did not take the spilt well or his mother remarrige. Acted out by letting his grades slip and does bully sometimes. Been sent  home from school many times because he got into fights over anything with anyone. By high school, most knew not to mess with him but the football team messes with him still and he still fights who ever comes at him. Nate is a loner most times. He rarely talks to anyone outside the of the tribe. Has never really had a girlfriend. His dad got him a truck when he turned 16. Has a sercet he has not told anyone in his life outside his family or the tribe, he can change genders at will. He sometimes changes into female when he wants something or to get his way. He goes by Natile when in his female form. Full blooded natiave american. Powers come from an old force in his bloodline.

Lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Born and rased there. Has never really been anyone where else.

Rules of a switcher: When someone switches it takes 12 hours to switch back. Urges happen to the switcher if they ignore the other side. First time switching is painful. To take care of those urges, switchers are told to change at least one month or more.

female pic:

Other pictures X X
Rp ideas:

->New girl at school

->looking for a tour guide for a camping trip


->From the tribe and has known Nathen for a long time and has a crush on him
OOC: Looking for someone to do a romatic rp with him. please do not start with a post. Looking for modern realistic rp. No furrys.  I only rp in third person! No matter what.