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Hertz Toivo-Escan

The Key

Hey! So PM friendly, always eager to make new friends OOC and IC; but not interested in smut with anyone who isn't Kris and yes I'm taken OOC and IC by Kris and his writer. (He's the Boyfriend!)

Hertz is totally head over heels in love with Kris, however their relationship is not without its troubles. For one he still definitely has a strong Daddy complex. These Daddy issues of his seem to have spread to Aether and Simon as well, which would make sense since Aether is in some ways a 'clone' of the original Bastion and Simon was the original Bastion's 'darkness and resentment and pain.' However oddly enough it seems some of their children have inherited these issues as well. Perhaps this suggests the yearning for a 'Daddy' is supernatural in some ways? Perhaps its just so unbelievably strong its managed to be passed down in the genes? Who knows... but yet it remains a steadfast fact that Hertz likes calling Kris 'Daddy' and considers Kristofer his Daddy Dom. Hertz has absolutely no interest in any man that isn't Kris.

Hertz has some minor magical ability, although not nearly as much as Aether and Simon. However he has very recently exhibited some powers that might be beyond what he had as Bastion. Namely the ability to open portals when he is upset in a 'mad state' and the ability to summon blue fire and chains from nothing. What this means or where these new abilities originate from is yet unknown. He also has a very close connection to the living entity that inhabits the club and his home. How this connection works is largely a mystery although we do know it has something to do with his insanity. Hertz retains to some extent the madness that poisoned Bastion's mind and still sometimes sees the 'Twisted Wonderland' that haunted Bastion for so many years. However he doesn't see it 'as much' and it doesn't seem to infleunce him as much as it did when he was Bastion. Although lately it has been coming to the surface more often, a dark foreboding of what may be to come.

Hertz is complicated, at one point he and Aether were the same being. Aether is one aspect of the Storyteller as Hertz is one aspect of the Storyteller. Hertz beginnings was Bastion who long long ago was an aspect of the original Aether an Orikai who was conducting the Grand Meditation. The Grand Meditation is a maturity ritual that the Orikai must commit in order to become 'adults'. During this ritual they manifest 14 aspects of themselves through time and space and reality throughout the whole multiverse and then they must hunt these Aspects down and absorb them. However Bastion who at the time was marrying Reese and pregnant with their first child Isabella did not end up getting absorbed. The original Aether could not bring himself to absorb a mother to be and instead broke the rules of the Grand Meditation and allowed himself to be absorbed instead. This led to a bit of an anomoly, with two Bastions; one of which was still 'human' (to an extent); and the other was now an Orikai taking Aether's place. This new Bastion the Orikai took the name Aether to honor the original. The 'normal' Bastion remaining with Reese and giving birth to their firstborn child Isabella. However millions of years have passed since then and Bastion and Reese both eventually died of old age. However Reese was reincarnated as Kristofer Blaze eventually and the Mage who resurrected the Storyteller knew this. Of course when the Storyteller was resurrected this resurrected Bastion as well ... as Hertz. When the Storyteller was again able to break himself into his three aspects of light, neutrality and darkness; Hertz who was neutrality retained the memories of Bastion in some ways and Ashton who had been the true reincarnation of Bastion and Kris's prior husband. Yes it's all a bit confusing we know, but that is timey whimey and spacey wacey and bendy reality for you. In the end the point is that Hertz is a reincarnation of Bastion and Kris a reincarnation of Reese. Hertz also retains his identity as the middle aspect of 'The Storyteller' representing neutrality and being the most human of three parts that make up the Storyteller.

Hertz is engaged to marry Kristofer Blaze, they are deeply in love. They have already had a child together, Skyler a bouncing baby boy ... with a tail ... we'll ignore that part. They live in the club and tavern that they own. At one point they lived in their own house, but due to supernatural magics of a grand nature the house and the club have been merged. Their house had the nature of being alive, and now the club is alive as the house and club are now one. More on this in his history...

At a glance Hertz seems quite normal, sort of. He has quite a few scars all over his body although they are mostly healed. There are signs of some scarring on his fingers as well. He has brown hair and hazel eyes that appear sometimes green and sometimes brown and sometimes honey gold. He has a playful smile and boyish features. He often tends to wear subtle more humble clothes; even though he and Kristofer his husband have a great deal of wealth. He has a tattoo of a crown on his left hand. Hertz tends to be sort of shy, although he can be quite social on a blue moon, he prefers to stay close to Kris and follow him about a bit like a lost puppy. He has mothered a child with Kris, Skyler and almost always has the baby with him. Nothing about him seems extraordinary or very special... until you get to know him better.

Height 5'10" Weight 145lbs.
Species Human(ish) Status Married
Date of Birth July 15th
Likes Kristofer, Stories, Animals
Dislikes Being Alone, Being Ignored, Losing his Head
Talent Writer, Artist, Reading