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Kristofer Blaze
occupationBar/Gateway owner
height / weight6'0 175
orientationBi sexual

Born into wealth,Kristo was raised to be a king and want for nothing. He grew up with a loving mother and a mostly absent father. Kris bought The Rabbit Hole a few years ago when it was just a simple Whore house, tho it is now in the process of being revamped into a Bar it still holds it's secrets and if you know how to ask nicely perhaps you will find someone to share a bed with. Kristo can come off as cold, an ass and demanding and hopelessly in love with Hertz . and they are expecting a little boy in a few months. They also share a daughter named Kara who was adopted at the age of 7. He's abusive at times especially when he's had a few drinks and he's no stranger to fighting for something he wants. Kristo has the soul of a Lion, a big beast that seeps out when angry. WIP=
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