Nicknames : Liz, mister lion, big kitty.
Gender : male
Orientation :
Age(s) : 26
Postlength : i do my best to match
Link :

pryden (more cat then man, during highten emotions. Peaceful state can be full cat via a little focuse. other wise im just human looking with cat ears and a tail)

5'8'' humanish, 178lbs (pryden, 7'2'' 385lbs(Lerger the more he is angered)) (cat 5' at the sholders on all 4s)

silver hair (silver fur, with a light/baby blue sheen)

silver eyes (pure black in pryden form)

cat ears

silk fur tail silver

Has lurned to shift into the form of a house cat.



im very timid... i had a really bad expierance when i was little so im mostly in my cat state, and i dont do well in crowds but i can deal with it.


i'm findding out that my emotions get involved too fast... i have a kind hart that is very carring. im easy to take advantage of, im asuming, but i can never tell.



I don't mind telling people about my past, im an open book you ask me ill tell you.

Short Ver.

    Born into slavery. I have scares all over my body from the branding, beatings and torture that took place. I escaped and ran away. Been a drifter thus far.


     -When In my most vulnerable form(necko) I retain some of my beastual strength.


     -I have started learning how to heal though it don't like it very much and I am a novice at is. Iyriss is teaching me. I have the pain tolerance for it but not the skill.


     -When I need to protect friends I assume and Beastly Form Standing at 7'2'' To start with. As more anger and rage builts and become bigger faster and stronger. As this state prolongs I store energy. Though I don't know how to use it. Also It is very hard to control myself in this state and can turn on a friend if im not careful.


     -If I can retain my mind while in this form I can tap into it a bit more. summoning a sward and possibly other things. Still trying to summon what ever i can but thats it so far.



resent events: well being verry timid i have only met a few people. one of witch i have pledge a personal life debit to wether she likes it or not. That life debit is to vhaari, why? you might ask. well she was the only one nice to me when I wonder into this place the first one to care.... she gave me a blanket and soft pad to sleep on.... I thank you Vhaari..


I am coming out of my shell slowly so if you wana pm me its ok but dont expect me to be all agressive I dont like to be its not in this lions nature you can thank all the abuse and torture from growing up for that, but on that note dont mess with the few friends I have.


Well as time goes on you meet people and well i met some one... that,.... i really like but they have some one... but its ok cuase i still get to cuddle with them.... i really love cuddling its so enjoyable...


(For thoughs that care i took out my updates... just wasn't feeling it as a profile.)



Friends list


Satan the cat


Mist Sage

Lilliana Creed

Jenni Rayne



look its the globle map of RPH talk to this guy if you want to be added.

close to what i look like in my relaxed form.(minus the strips and wth a silver fur and a light blue tint)

                                what i might look like take out stripes and tint it liver

pictures arn't mine i will delete if you need be.





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