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A young man crowned king hardly old enough to be called a man. yet with the death of his father being the only child. He had little choice but be the King of Adria a free kingdom where war and death seemed to surround it. Achaikos worked hard to keep his people from the bloodshed. Lest till it came knocking on his front door. The Boy King was given two choices kneel before another or fight. He will not be underestimated while young and smaller than most men his age he still had the honor as any Adrain man would have. "Return with your shield or on it"







Achaikos was born the only child to a king and queen. sadly the Queen died in childbirth. The king never remarried but yet he raised the young Prince alone. Teaching him everything from reading to matters of state. While many young men grew up to be cruel and spoiled full of themselves asses. He hadn't He was kind and gentle, Soft-spoken and reserved. Many thought him weak and easy to be pushed around while that wasn't the case he was far more a fighter then what one would have thought. He just rather not fight but when needed he would. Sadly at the age of 21, the king died leaving a Prince to rule alone. Sadly no Queen would have him. not that he cared it was well known the Prince welcomed men into his bed. (WIP)




                                                   Stats or basic info




                 Name: Achaikos Lee LaMaster                 Age: 21 - 36 (depends on rp or room)

                  Hight: 6'1                                              Hair: White

                 Race: Adrain                                         

                 Eyes: Blue/Silver                          Sexual Orientation: Gay 

                marital States: single 



              Land of Rule: Adraia  (as for RL - Scotland) 

              Time Period: Around the late 1800s to present 














                  Mother: Elizabeth LaMaster - passed           Father: Aleksander LaMaster - Passed 

                  best friend: Sui              









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