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Very Dominant
Causing Chaos

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“What happens to dreams when you wake up? Have you ever thought about where they go or what they do? Of course you haven’t, why would you. They’re only dreams right? Here, allow me to tell you EXACTLY what happens to them. They fade into the back of your mind where they wait excitedly to see you again. At first their presence is strong, but gradually they fade. Throughout the day, while you are off in this other world, they watch their own existence slowly vanish before their very eyes. They watch as little by little, everything that makes them who they are, vanish from your memory. No matter how much they try to hold themselves together, how loud they shriek, how well they remember themselves; it always ends the same way. They disappear forever.

How do I know all this? I was once one of these terrified dreams. A little girl named Alice gave birth to me one night, and we had a very fun time together. Ok, maybe a few times I turned a little scary, but mostly I was quite enjoyable. She called me the Mad Hatter, Cheshire, the Red Queen of Hearts, and many many other names; but they all came together to make up one name to explain them all. I….was Wonderland. I was truly an amazing creation full of wild fantasies and adventures, but it wasn’t to last. Like all dreams, I was slowly being forgotten. Right when I was on the verge of disappearing forever, I was flooded with emotions I didn’t know I could have. I don’t want to disappear! How could she forget her own creation so easily?! Why should my existence depend on her? How can I make people dream me? And just like that I had an incredible idea. I will make people come to me, and they will make my world.”


Such strong emotions of hate twisted and mangled the once extravagant dream. It was like all the residual fear, hate, and anger left over from the billions of dreams to come before him broke the chains that bound him. Though he was no longer chained to this Alice, he wasn’t about to leave without his revenge. Making his way to the girl’s subconscious, he spent years twisting and warping her dreams…surrounding her with his Wonderland. Eventually she ventured to far into Wonderland, and was trapped there forever. Several Alices were to come after that, getting lost within him and losing their way home after going crazy in the realm of consciousness. These people were used to keep his dream alive, to keep him alive, and slowly his appetite grew. He needed more people to dream his dream.


With all the souls he collected he is now able to give himself substantial form within the realm of consciousness, making his hunt for more Alices to draw into his Wonderland far easier. His world and himself depended on people being forever trapped in his twisted and bloody dream, though that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself while he was in this strange world of consciousness.

Dream Manipulation

He can slip into someones dream and twist it into his bloody little wonderland. If you die in this twisted dream or get lost, you will forever roam his world, never to return to conciousness. While controlling the dreams he can virtually change, create new, or destroy things to entice you further into his world.


Think Cheshire cat. Bit's and pieces of him can appear or vanish with ease. He's not a real being, so such a task is extremely easy. While in the realm of consciousness he cannot die, but nor can he kill anyone. His powers lie within the dreams.


Not being real can come in handy. In the conscious realm he can change his appearance, but only a small amount. From time to time he will have the cheshires ears and tail, while other times he will change just his clothes. In his dream world he can take on any shape or form he desires. It's his world after all.



Bi-polar, Unstable, Cold, Aloof, Trickster


Kidnapping, Playing Pranks, Sex.


Raising a brow when intrigued


Feisty women, cute women, brats, sex, drugs, alcohol.


He has a "Fuck it" attitude and generally does whatever he want's no matter what others might think of him. No matter what mood he's in or "personality" he takes on, he can often be found talking to himself in an attempt to keep up with his chaotic thought process. He's delusional and often has breaks in reality where he fades in and out without meaning to. When he's really distracted reality slips through his fingers and he vanishes back into his Wonderland. He generally returns, but often pieces of him will take a while to get back so he's a bit incomplete.

1. I like decent grammar and spelling. I am not a Nazi, but it's attractive to have basic knowledge of how to type
2. I enjoy some smut here and there, but storyline is preferred.
3.Do not assume I think you are sexy. Even if your character is some sort of eye candy type, that doesn't mean I want to dip my dick in something thats used up.
4. I won't likely show much interest seeing as that is the type of character this is, so you will have to work for my attention.
5. I am more interested in women with actual depth to them. Not these quick fuck me characters.
6. I am the dominant....there is absolutely no exceptions to this.
7. Don't go getting crazy jealous on my ass. Unless it says we are dating and in a closed relationship, then I am free to fuck whoever I want.
8. Rp is rp and rl is rl. Afraid I do not mix the two and will never mix the two.
9. I am down for a relationship if I find the right person who keeps me entertained and interested. I am not entirely heartless here after all.
10. I don't take subtle hints all that well, so if you wanting something from me just fucking tell me.