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Name: Sylvia Lilac Lacey.
Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'7".
Weight: 147 lbs.
Hair Color: Lilac.
Eye Color: Bluish Gray.
Skin: Pale.
Distinguishing Marks: Has a tattoo of purple roses and other flowers along her left side.
Birthdate: February 29th.
Birthplace: Generally unknown - varies by setting.
Personality: Shy, Intelligent, Curious, Mischievous, Aloof, Lonely.
Likes: Books, Music and Art, Old Houses, Storms, Photography, Dancing, Graveyards, and Horse-back riding.
Dislikes: Arrogance, Rudeness, Pain, Dogs, Time.
Orientation: Heterosexual.
Family: Unknown.
Race: Human/Bio-Organic Android
Blood Type: AB+.
Occupation: Lost.


OOC: PM Friendly, Subject to Change, No means No. Silvia can be played in several settings, Modern, Medieval, Fantasy, Horror, or Science Fiction. Plot before Smut, discussion before roleplay. Don't just start, ask first, I prefer to plot the setting and basic idea of the roleplay before diving in. Player reserves the right to block. All art by Emeraldus.