Nicknames : Ludi
Gender : Male
Orientation : Straight (NOT up for debate)
Age(s) : 24
Postlength : Multi
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Ludicrous Uncensored



● D.T.F● Male ● Straight   Father of Sin ● First Demon ● Agless The Snake 


1) Don't get your panties in a knot. Nothing I say is in any way meant to offend you. Which is ironic since most things I say is offensive.

2) If I didn't say I love you...then guess what...I didn't fucking love you.

3) are not special, but I will probably say you are. Just feel special and get over it.

4) I am the Dominant...and I am EXTREMELY dominant. If you don't like what I pull stop responding. I take your response as acceptance to my behavior.

5) Don't steal my shit. I actually edited my pictures (Which I did not draw however) and I prefer to keep them in my possession.

6) Don't like my editing skill, ok, thats fine, keep it to yourself. You don't have to go publicly bashing it. Makes you seem like a jealous dumbass.

7) Want to know something about me, ASK! It probably won't be the response you want, but it will be the truth.

8) Yes I know it's actually spelt Ludacris, but I spelt it this way ON PURPOSE for a unique name quality so don't call me Luda and call me an idiot. Your the dumbass who can't wrap his brain around an obvious spelling change made on purpose.

9) I am a dick, I own up to that. So don't be getting upset when I say something dickish. If you actually took the time to read this then you would have already known. Act surprised and I know you aren't worth my time.

10) I like some jealousy, but dear god do not come at me like I made some damn vow to only pay you attention....I didn't...and I won't ever souly pay attention to you. Don't like it, then just take your drama somewhere else.


I suppose I should start from the very beginning...............Fuck thats a long time ago. You ever hear of the Seraph Angels? You know, the angelic being belonging to the highest order of the ninefold Celestial hierarchy, associated with light and purity? Ya, believe it or not I was once one of those sexy beasts. In fact so was Lucifer. We were buddies actually, but he was mister goody too shoes back then. Always kissing "Fathers" ass by doing all that was "Commanded" and shit. I found fallowing orders and living by anothers standards all the time to be pretty damn boring. I started out by playing simple pranks and lazing out on the job, which Lucifer hated and would try to stop me like the pussy he was. Eventually, however, my pranks escalated and got a little....out of hand.


God had suddenly decided that he wanted to create a creature in his image, and so the first pair of humans were born and given the names Adam and Eve. This meant new toys for me to play with, fresh meat. He was so hopeful for them that he even made them their own little paradise, The Garden of Eden. The first course of action for me was to plant a rather simple apple seed in the center of the garden which grew quickly like all the plants there did. I knew God wouldn't be to happy about something he had not planned happening like that, and as expected the moment the tree bore fruit Adan and Eve were warned to never eat from it's forbidden fruit.


I would often sneak out of heaven to spy on the two pure beings in a large serpent form, but day after day they did nothing entertaining. It was time for me to intervene just a little bit. Thus my most brilliant prank ever came into play. Not to bost or anything, but I had gotten rather good at manipulating people by this point. I mean when lies weren't a reality yet why would anyone not trust what another person...or snake...says. Anyways, using said skills it only took a couple days to convince Eve to bite into the one of my forbidden fruit. That was how the first Sin was born....and how I lost my wings and grace. I was trapped in snake for for a thousand years while Adam and Eve were tossed from paradise forever.


(Now lets get to the third person part of the story shall we?) Outside the gates of paradise Adam and Eve birthed several more humans, who turned around and birthed several more. (Ya...pretty gross right?) Each new human's soul held a dark place where taint and sin lurked in waiting for the opportune moment to break free. Corruption broke out and as more and more humans sinned the more power that flowed back into the fallen angel. His grace was slowly returning to him, however it was of a much much darker form. Soon he had the strength to construct a new form and name for himself, but having been a snake for so long he found that he could not get rid of all the snakes aspects.


With a more human body outside the twisted horns, spiked tail, and patches of scales he became what is now known as Ludicrous Uncensored. (My REAL name has been lost to me for years so don't ask what it is. I have no damn clue) Despite his....extras.....humans were so spiritually challenged that most could not see more than just his human form. Using this new body of his he traveled for thousands of years, spreading his sin into the farthest reaches of earth and feeding off it's energy. He happened to be in one of these small villages when the past collided with his present. Within a dark ally way a soaked, dirty, homeless woman huddled to try to stay warm...this women had the scent of Eve herself.


Apparently since Eve had been the first to give into temptation and spread it's evil she was not only punished by banishment, but also by immortality. This way she could watch the world, her children, fall into chaos and corruption. The dull look within her eyes brought a ping of guilt to Ludicrous, and he went against his usual cold hearted self and offered to take care of her and show her the world. Of course she would have to be his slave for all eternity in exchange. (I would come to regret that choice shortly after since she is a bit of a pain in the ass and is a horrible slave.) Anyways, as figured they traveled, and all was going well until one day they found themselves hunted down. The person who had found them was none other than Lucifer himself.


According to him he got jealous of gods love for the humans and spoke against him, saying how they had been ruined and were no loner worth his love. God is never wrong, and so he tossed Lucifer from heaven where he now used Ludicrous's sin to create minions...demons. Needless to say Lucifer blamed Ludicrous for his falling and tried to have him killed. He manaed to escape with Eve (Who now goes by a new name) and now travels to stay undetected. Ludicrous spends most his time in the Brothel he opened figuring he would be less noticed in a place of large amounts of sin. He is trying to have fun while avoiding losing his head. .


Ludicrous is your everyday lewd asshole with an ego to match. If it involves sinning than you can bet he's either a part of it or he will be soon. He's incredibly reliable in the fact that he will always be what he's always been. That sort of make's him pretty damn predictable, but in a way it also means he has no secrets. He doesn't give a fuck if you like what he has to say, so if you ask him a question he will answer it truthfully. In other words, be careful what you ask this man if you think the answer will be something you don't like. He will not feel responsible for you being upset. Though he's quite the asshole, he's actually a loyal asshole when it comes to those who were able to actually deal with his ass long enough to be considered friends. They will say he's not as big an ass as he seems, and there is truth to that, but only after you see through his cherade and care to actually get to know him better.