Think inside is
Possibly all
innocent and clean?
Inside here is more
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Dabi Owner/Modmin
Alice Owner/Modmin
Himiko Toga Dancer/Modmin
Myriani Modmin
Perseus Security
Nimue Duath Bartender/Modmin
Mimi Waitress
Ban Chef
Umeki Live Music
Toushou Modmin
Kyrona Umazuki Coding Help ♥
Setting and IC Club Rules
Nova, while seeming like a typical club from the outside, is an entirely different club than a person would expect. There’s still music, but be forewarned that music is where the similarities end. Nova is a high end sex club that caters to a wide variety of clientele and their numerous kinks. Once inside, the first thing that’s visible is the dance floor and DJ set up. Past that, there’s a lounging area with multiple different arrangements of seating. Raised platforms are scattered throughout the lounge area with different types of props on them such as sex swings, massage tables, benches, and many other things for all wicked purposes. These are for those who are comfortable giving a show to anyone who wishes to see. For the shy types, there are alcoves with additional seating and props just off of the lounge area that are separated by a curtain. Whether or not it stays opened or closed is up to those who are in it. There’s a bar along the back wall where drinks can be ordered. Otherwise, servers will be making rounds to take orders as well. Any and all equipment supplied by Nova must be properly used, cleaned, and returned to its original state after use. Now do come in, we hope you enjoy your stay here at Nova.


I ? No underage characters. Your character has to be 17+ to participate in this room.
II ? NO VIOLENCE. This includes knife play people.
III ? Extreme kinks (gore, hard or soft vore, anything that belongs in the bathroom) are not allowed.
IV ? You make a mess, you clean it up. Any props or toys used in a show must be properly sanitized and put away. The stage must be sanitized after as well. Cleanliness is important here.
V ? We use the stoplight system here. Green is all clear, yellow is wait, and red is hard stop. This keeps any and all confusion away if someone needs to safeword.
VI ? Participation is not required. You are allowed to come to sit down and relax as well.
I ? First and foremost. NO TROLLING, STALKING, OR HARASSING. There will be no warning if you break this rule.You will automatically be kicked or banned if necessary.
III ? Next rule. No metagaming or godmodding allowed. There is no tolerance for this.
IV ? Please have a profile with the basic information on your character, at least six sentences. If you need help, ask an owner or moderator and they will be happy to assist.
V ? OOC DOES NOT EQUAL IC. What happens in character does not reflect the typist themselves.
VI ? NO UNDERAGE USERS. That's an 18+ rule as the site clearly says and is an instant ban.
VII ? OOC chatter is to be directed to either our Discord server or the Nova OOC room.
VIII ? NO SLURS. This includes racial slurs and the use of the word "retard".
IX ? We do NOT discuss politics. This goes for both IC and OOC rooms and the discord server.
X ? Have fun!
Code by Aishurel. Please Steal!