Rp Social is a networking platform for creative writers seeking serious role play. Long-term, short-term, plot driven or otherwise.


Please respect in-room writers.

Room setting is open. There is no default.

Ask for a setting or build one yourself.

If there is rp present, keep Ooc to a minimum or take said Ooc elsewhere.

Sexual encounters will be left for private message or another room that promotes in house play. 

This is a ban free room.

This doesn't apply to kicks.

How to get a room kick?

Child sexual exploitation and grooming will render a profile to be removed from the room. 

There are rooms where this type of concept is acceptable. Please explore them as it isn't condoned in the Rp Social room.





Ask the owner.

 The owner will more than likely participate in an 'in-room' writing session if asked, inspired or around to do so.