Yatasa`al A World of Wonder

The Way of the World


1. Please have a completed profile detailing your character. If you require assistance in catering a profile to this type of setting, please let one of the Deities know. We'd be happy to assist you.


2. Be kind, any drama or pre-existing fueds don't exist here. Clean slate. That being said if you enjoy stirring the pot and/or are fond of drama (Not of the RP variety)? This is not the place for you.


3. Do not White Knight; If you want to interject in an ongoing scene in an effort to save another persons character or anything of the sort please PM them and make sure it's alright first. They may not want to be saved.


4. No racial slurs; this should be common knowledge.


5. Please keep OOC to a minimum when RP is happening. The room is meant for group participation, not gossip hour.


6. Edicts and decisions made by the Deities are absolute. If you wish to argue a point or make an appeal, please do so in the privacy of PM's. 



The Law


Here in Yatasa'al, Mods and Room Owners are referred to as Deities. If you've broken a rule, have a complaint or want to make a suggestion these are the ones to go to!


In the next tab, you can get to know them a little better, but below is a summary of how they work:


Depending on the level of trouble you've caused, usually a verbal warning should suffice. If the problem continues to escalate it may result in a kick, and further on a ban. 


Bans do not have to be permanent and most likely, are temporary. We do work on a 24/48/72 hour ban cycle. If you've caused enough problems, you may end up banned indefinitely. If you feel you've been wronged, or want to appeal at any measure please PM the Deities of the Highest Virtue (Room Owners).

Those who created the World


 Embyrosa — Soon.

The World Discovered


I am still working on this, but there are pre-existing areas of Yatasa'al ready for your adventuring needs. 

The World Yet Uncovered


As we get the ball rolling, a number of 'Quests' will be listed here. These will be ice breakers, plot starters, pre-generated scenes to help you interact.


They are open to user suggestion and absolutely NOT mandatory. Though some of them might aid in the discovery of new regions in Yatasa'al!