This is a room dedicated to simple RP.

That fast-paced, off the cuff, spur of the moment kind of stuff! Less planning and more fun. The posts are usually around just a few words, a sentence or perhaps a semi paragraph at most. The emphasis is more on rapid-fire chaos than detail. However! You're allowed to get as serious or detailed as you want - just be advised that it may get lost in the noise.

Chatter, even those done within ooc brackets, should be kept to a minimum. It's not entirely forbidden but is preferably done elsewhere. There are plenty of other rooms for that! I'm trying to build a comfy little nook for RP. If there's little to nothing going on, though, then feel free to chat freely. It's only logical. However, try to tone it down if people start roleplaying, please.

You can RP whatever you want to be it silly non-sense, lewd stuff or pretty much anything else that comes to mind. There aren't really any rules aside from not being a nuisance. If people are barking at you then it's probably a good idea to self-moderate. Good luck and have fun!