BNHA Universe
The room for all BNHA roleplayers
Welcome to BNHA Universe. This room was made so that everyone who enjoys the characters, setting, and lore of the BNHA anime and manga can have the chance to delve into the setting themselves to create interesting and unique stories of their own, either with OCs or with canon characters. We aim to provide a friendly and welcoming writing environment for everyone, but don't hesitate to simply come in, chill out, and observe or chat with others until something catches your interest. While we do believe that giving everyone as much freedom as possible is for the best, we do still have a few important rules that we ask you to follow, which you can read below.

1. Don't treat anyone in the room like you wouldn't want to be treated yourself. Even if you don't agree with someone or want to roleplay with them, you can still be polite and civil. Also, please try not to post too many one-liners too rapidly if people are actually roleplaying. A bit of chatter is fine, but sometimes it can be disruptive.

2. Currently, we allow multiple canon profiles of the same character in the room at the same time. It's up to the people in control of those characters to handle any situation where they would meet themselves. AU versions of canons are also allowed, within reason.

3. Though it's inevitable that romance will blossom between characters in the room, we ask that you take any serious sexual scenes to private messages. We also ask that you don't use your character being paired with another as an excuse to completely ignore other roleplayers or their posts.

4. Fight fairly, at least in the OOC sense. Nobody likes a godmodder. Unless it's planned out, both participants in a battle should take and dish out their fair share of hits. You can use whatever method you prefer, but only if the other writers are on board!

5. Do not attempt to kill off another writer's characters or NPCs without their explicit permission. You can of course do what you like with your own characters and NPCs.

6.Your character's Quirk MUST have a drawback. Look at how powerful their Quirk is, and think about what sounds like a reasonable downside for it. Also, it is preferred that you check to see your OCs Quirk is not currently taken.

7. Finally, and most importantly, have fun! Or else.