Started by Kamui Xyaraisu, on the server Xatech, this clan was made for both fighters and roleplayers alike.

It was later handed down to the current leader of all Xyaraisu branches, Life Xyaraisu,

Xyaraisu on RolePlay Haven, is the first branch out made, and hopefully, not the last.

All are welcome, enemy, friend, fighters or non'fighters.


Current Leader of Xyaraisu/RPH, is Ashen Xyaraisu or Miss Death Wish.

Please talk to her to voice any concerns or comments.

All those looking for a fight are welcome.



~; Rules ;~


1; Respect is a must here. That goes for Mods, Owners, and members.

2; Any name calling that is not playful is not allowed

3; If someone is to fight, shut up please.

4; Fight fair, or do not fight at all

5; Trolling is not allowed, unless it is in fun.

6; If you wish to join, please contact Ashen or Miss Death Wish [ Same person]