Legacy of the Red Throne

  • Rules & Approvals

    What goes, and what doesn't...

    First and foremost is the Golden Rule, do unto others as you'd like others do unto you. So, be kind, be helpful. I am not expecting an encyclopediac knowledge of the madness that is the deep lore from players, it's about 75% made up by me, Jaska, on the spot anyway. If your knowledge is shallow that's fine, ask questions!

    Next, if a scene is ongoing please keep OOC to a minimum, or feel free to spawn up an OOC sub-room if you can't be involved but do want to chat. I am not going to enforce this heavily on light scenes, so long as it's not getting to be more OOC than IC, but the more folks participating, ideally the less folks OOCing.

    Finally, please please please keep the drama llamas in check.

    As to getting characters approved, first and foremost, no literal gods. Given that Gods in this setting are all Big Visible Things in the material world, there's not exactly a lot you can do if the scene is not physically near your River God. Stuff from Before is thousands of years old, and spirits don't remember and the gods won't tell, so being privvy to Before secrets is something that would be a Major Plot Point (not that this is forbidden, but please check first!)

    Flipside is, you are player characters, you are going to be a cut above the usual riff raff, so you can expect to be pretty damn good at something or other, just not everything. A jack-of-all-trades shouldn't be a master of them too. Characters can hop in, however if someone lets you know that your character is a bit much, please get in touch with a mod/admin to see about where things stand. We reserve the right to ask you to dial things back.

  • A Brief History

    Where we are, and how we got here...

    The setting information can be found here.

    A brief synopsis is as follows: Long ago there was an Empire, known just simply as the Empire of the Red Throne. It lasted a very long time, was a land of great and wonderous things until something happened. The something is a matter of numerous myths, legends and a small amount of very fragmentary histories, rife with speculation. About the only thing that is agreed on from Before vs After, was there used to be three god-moons of the world. One disappeared in it's entirety, another hid itself from mundane sight, and the third was Shattered while directly over Necropolis, and that Shattering ended the World Before.

  • Canon Characters, Weird Races

    To put it bluntly: I'd really rather not have random canon characters.

    Come in. Make an original character, or have one you got already that could be tweaked a bit to fit, that's fine too. Interact with others and let us get a feel for you.

    As for weird races, well this setting has them aplenty. Many are going to be small weird one shots, people changed by deals with spirits. Or tribes of them even. So while elves, as the Tolkien-esque incredibly long lived variety do not exist, something akin to them might well. Vampires and Werewolves are a maybe, but keep in mind they are seen very poorly by most of polite society. Only real catch is that nothing lives forever, and that the very oldest living creatures are only a hundred or so years old. Spirits and the undead are the only immortal things, and even they can be killed, though they will simply be reborn/remade, though with their memories missing.

  • Mods and Admins

    Or whose word is God.

    If you have any questions or concerns, or there is someone being disruptive feel free to PM one of us:
    Sunseeker Jaska
    [No one here yet! ]
    [To be determined!]
    [Just the one for now!]

    As well, the mods run NPC character accounts, so if you see weird insane shit coming from someone, that'd be me.