The Soldier's Respite

Tavern Information



Occupations to Date:

Current Owner(s): Karella Rensar, Sidrem Doric

Current Server(s): Karella Rensar, Sirenne, Sidrem Doric, Zandyr Grayfield (Cook). Aluette (Provisional)

Current Protector(s): Sentinel (Defender), Deogi (Guard Dire Wolf, Karella's)

Current Entertainer(s): N/A

Current Craftsmen: Vek (Blacksmith), Rosa Renee (Healer)



Tavern General Rules:

1. There is, under no circumstances, any god-modding allowed.

    - What is God-modding?

         ~ God-modding is making yourself immortal as in unable to be killed.

         ~ It is also making yourself invicible to too many situations.

    - What if I'm just powerful?

         ~ Powerful is fine, but in this room all characters are killable.

         ~ Still, keep your powers "believable". Overly strong kills RP moods.

         ~ To help balance your power, think of how much energy an action costs your character.

    - How do I avoid doing that?

         ~ Keep to RP, occasionally let yourself get hit, and ask if you're really concerned.

         ~ We're here to have fun and make sure others do as well; this rule is just to keep peace.

2. If you have a fight, it must keep to standard fighting rules.

    - What are the standard rules?

         ~ No auto-dodge, meaning explain how you avoid an attack without teleporting away from it.

         ~ No auto-hit, give your enemy a chance to respond before an attack hits.

         ~ No auto-kill, you can never just outright kill someone else's character without permission.

    - What happens if I miss a standard rule?

         ~ Auto-dodge, you receive a warning at first but harsher consequences later, mainly energy loss.

         ~ Auto-hit, you receive a warning and eventually, may be temporarily kicked if this is a constant issue.

         ~ Auto-kill, you will be dealt with by Karella, and trust me - that's not a fate anyone wants.

3. Keep OOC and IC separate. When RP is going on, try to keep OOC to a minimal or move things into PMs.

4. That being said, having a character who is a dick and being a dick are very different. Don't be an OOC jerk.

     - What do you mean by that?

         ~ Evil or gruff characters are fine, but if you are OOC talking, do not be mean to other writers.

         ~ Being rude in OOC will get you a warning, but overtime it will lead you to quickly being booted.

     - What happens if someone was rude to me?

         ~ If someone was being rude via PM or in OOC, the room owners and mods will deal with them.

         ~ Responding in OOC rudely to them will only get you a warning as well.

5. Please, put effort into your posts. While they do not have to be grammatically perfect, there should at least be three sentences or so of information for others to read with limited grammatical errors. Please also refrain from using text-speak. We want to get to know your character, but if you don't give us any detail or have it laced with spelling errors, it makes it hard to do that.

6. We all understand Smut or Erotic RP are things that happen, but please, none of it in the main room. It's alright if you hookup there, but when they head upstairs to a room, move things into a PM.

7. If there are problems in RP, speak with Sidrem Doric or Karella Rensar.

     - We are both friendly, do not hesitate to PM us with questions.

     - If someone from the room is bothering you in PM, let us know that as well.

8. Have fun! If there is something preventing you from enjoying yourself, please let us know! We want everyone the chance to have fun and will do our best to keep the peace.



Tavern Special Rules:

1. Do not destroy or damage tavern property on purpose. Karella will have your head.

2. No teleporting directly into the tavern or within its walls! Outside of it is fine, but there is an anti-teleportation magic ward in the tavern. Yes, it also applies to plane shifting and ghost/spirit/astral forms coming in through the walls, and yes, it does temporarily dispel the effects of magic items which may otherwise allow it!

    - If you teleport in or within the tavern itself, the first time is a warning.

    - If you do it a second time, the magic of the tavern forces you outside.

    - If you do it a third time, well, you might be launched into the Astral Plane.

3. If your character is going to start a fight with someone else's, please give Karella or Sidrem a heads up via PM.

    - In a way, this is not mandatory but the reason we ask is for a heads up is so we can watch closely.

    - We want to make sure the fight is "fair" in terms of the writing; we need to focus for that.

4. Minimize character drama, meaning, don't always have your character show up starving/hurt/nearly dead.

    - Vampires, don't come in exceptionally bloodthirsty; Werewolves, don't come in expecting plates of flesh.

    - Do not always start IC fights in the room either, it may make it so Karella has to intervene with you.

5. There will be tavern events, so while we don't require people to keep track of their character's coin, we ask you keep it within reason of your character's background (i.e. no beggars with enough to get a room for 5 months).

    - As a part of the taverns RP, money is to be relatively kept to keep your characters looking out for events.

    - These events are also planned to help give you ways to earn money and develop your characters.

    - After the first event, there will be every one to two weeks, but minor "quick" jobs can earn you less coin.



Tavern Punishments:

1. You will always receive at least one warning prior to harsher punishments.

2. If the actions still continue, you may receive a 24 hour ban.

3. If the problem continues, the ban becomes permanent.

**All of these 'punishments' are able to be discussed with Karella.



Tavern Physical Description:

    The Soldier's Respite is a well-worn building in the middle of the forest. Owned originally by a Wood-Elf, the building has been around long enough to brave through over five-hundred years and bares the marks to show it. Composed of stone and wood, the tavern floor itself is stone all the way over to the wooden bar, behind which it turns to wood. The bar itself is taken care of and clean, obviously tended to over the years to make sure it has too much wear on the wood. The support beams for the second floor are also in excellent shape, most likely either replaced or kept up with magic to prevent them from showing their age.

     All metal fixtures in the building now seem to have been replaced as well, all metal fixtures like new while hinges and the water pumps fail to make even the slightest of sounds. Unlike the wood, all the metal shines like new - even down to the pewter tankards. The tables, unfortunately, still seem worse for the wear although the chairs are sturdy enough to support even those in full-armor unless they are of unreasonable weight where the furniture might groan in protest. Scattered through the room, and nearby the fire pit in the center of the main room, these tables are off in the dark corners, along the walls by the windows, and even just in the middle of the room. As with the bar, the surfaces are kept clean so people can enjoy the warmth of the fire or the gentle light provided by the candles and torches left to keep the downstairs lit.

     If you need more specifics, please PM Karella for more details.



Tavern Location & Nearby Area:

    The Soldier's Respite itself is found within the middle of the forest, just off the main road by following an old, beaten path to the building itself. The area around the tavern is a small clearing with another nearby clearing just to the southwest of where the tavern was built. Near the tavern, the woods are not as densely packed as they are even a bit further out towards the road - mostly by design it would seem. Probably in part due to the fact the tavern was built using the very woods around it.

     To the North, one can follow the main road to be led up towards the nearby city of Hiran. From the tavern on foot, it would take the better portion of a day to make it up to the city so therefore, most people tend to rest at the Soldier's Respite before finishing their journey there first thing in the morning. Hiran is a fairly decent sized city that contains several interesting spots such as a school for scholars, a market district, a fairly large guard barracks, and just outside of the city there is also a masoleum. The Market is filled with fresh goods as well as some crafted ones, the guard barracks is home to the Captain of the Guard from whom the tavern receives contracts, and the masoleum dates back to honor those who died almost a thousand years prior. Brentworth Academy, the location for scholars, is known for mainly its alchemy lab and a few mages who reside to teach magic-based skills to those willing to learn them - however, it comes at the cost of a bit of coin due to the need for purchasing the magical materials and the fact the school is overly not well-funded.

     To the South, one can follow the main road to be lead down to the nearby town of Ayrdale. Only a few hours from the tavern, most people will make a day trip out of going to the town for something to do besides sitting around drinking at the Soldier's Respite. The town is fairly small, especially in comparison to Hiran, but it does still have a small market, a local bar, and some craftsmen nearby although those found in the city to the North. Craftsmen in town can offer the work slightly cheaper than those in city mainly due to their smaller workloads.

     Further South past Ayrdale is the city of Jocford. Slightly less than a day and a half from the tavern, Jocford is a very well-off city with a bustoling marketplace, many skilled artisans and tradesmen, nad a high standard of living. The streets are paved, well-lit, and regularly patrolled at all hours of the day and night.

     To the West, there is no town nor city but there is a quarry out about five hours from the tavern. It is here the tavern has gotten its stone and that there is a good supply of it. Up slightly more Northwest, there is also a more mountainous area even further away but it is rumored to be a great area for those looking to divulge in mountain activities such as hiking and evening mining, should one be able to find the old worn down entrance.

     To the East, similar to the West, there is only nature unless one spends multiple days traveling in its direction. This direction bares a small river about an hour's walk from the tavern, the lake source for it can be found by following it North. The forest area to the East seems thicker for quite a while, the dense area seemingly the heart of the forest and the oldest part of it. This is a wonderful direction for those looking to hunt forest game, find herbs, or to acquire various other plants.

      If you need more specifics about any location or direction, shoot Karella a PM to have your questions answered.





Items for Travelers:

  - Trail rations (day) ______ (5 SP)

  - Waterskin (Filled) ______ (2 SP)

  - Waterskin Refills _______ (Free)


Requested Items (not on public menu):

  - Bloodwyne ___________ (1 SP)

  - Healing ______________ (See Rosa or Vellinous)

  - Oni Sake (2 SP per drink)


**Other food & drinks may be requested from Karella; may take market time to receive them



Room Prices & Descriptions:

Standard Room  __________ (3 SP/night; 9 GP/month)

  - Standard sized bed

  - Comfortably fits two people

  - Sitting Chair

  - Mirror

  - Dresser

Comfortable Room  ________ (5 SP/night; 15 GP/month)

  - Queen sized bed

  - Comfortably fits two people

  - Two comfy chairs

  - Vanity w/ chair

  - Dresser

  - Small writing table

  - Small book shelf

Large/Family Room ________ (7 SP/night; 21 GP/month)

  - Two standard sized beds


     One standard sized bed, two smaller beds

  - Comfortably fits four people

  - Small sitting area with four chairs

  - Two dressers

  - One chest

  - Large shelf

**Cribs or additional beds available upon request/need

****Other items may also be acquired from Karella


Flood Kick Hall of Fame:


Account Name

Total Kicks
Karella Rensar 53
Xenophanes 41
Lynn 8
OuRa Beast Rider 6
Zandyr Grayfield 6
Defender 5
Sidrem Doric 4
Floki 4
Rorku Freh 3
Asim Adil 2
Kaelmourn Shattered Blade 2
BladedDemon 1
Das Wandern 1
Shamanka 1
Tariq bin Nafe 1
Varshanil 1
Vellinous 1


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