The Frozen Realm of Velheria


The wind rattles and frosts the windows in their frames. It freezes quick the spray of the sea as it jumps from the rocky shores. The wind bites at any patch of skin belonging to someone foolish enough to leave it exposed and it howls through the trees like a fearsome wraith.  However, death's chilling wind had not always streaked across Velheria's tall peaks and deep fjords. The sun used to shine down on blooming flowers and waving grass while animals scurried about beneath its warming gaze. Velheria was once known as the Paradise of the North for all of its wonderous beauty and natural riches. Now only Death awaits those careless enough to venture out of their houses unprepared. Wild animals and wicked monsters haunt the inhospitable landscape. If one were to only freeze to death and slip into the endless sleep, they would count themselves fortunate. As it stands, there are many things in Velheria that can end a life. Guard yourself against the cold and the evils that lie within it and perhaps you'll live long enough to see the pale light of tomorrow's sun.



Gone are the distant summers where flowers bloomed and the sun shone down upon Velheria. Now wind whips through the groaning trees and freezes over her great oceans. Families die huddled around the fire they tried so desperately to keep going. Strange snowbeasts stalk the icy expanse of the frozen North and hunt down any foolish enough to leave their houses. Death's chilling laugh echoes through the mountains as he beckons his children home. Velheria is only survived by the hard women and men who live there. They live day by day through the strength of the arm and the bite of their steel. Their once stalwart protectors, The Svell Riddari, scattered like ashes upon the wind after their crushing defeat by the strength of the Troll Hoarde. Velheria is no place for the hopes and dreams of mortal men. It is full of despair, misery, and a cold that saps the will to live from the breast of even the strongest warrior. However, those who call it home are perhaps the strongest and most courageous of warriors. 



Grimsvar is the last remaining stronghold in Valheria, a place commonly referred to by its inhabitants as The Wildlands. Its walls of stone rise high above the frozen landscape and defend against the strange beasts which stalk the land. Many mortal men and women fled south to places unknown in hope of finding respite from the gnashing teeth of winter and the shrieking beasts which hunted them in the night. One can only hope that they made it, but hope is a rare thing to find in the heart of a Northman. Over a century ago, Velheria was a continent just North of Sahmnar. It grew cold in the Winter but come Summer, the snow melted and the ice thawed to reveal a beautiful green landscape full of wonder. It was like this for as long as history had been recorded among the people of Velheria. However, as many Northern children are warned, nothing that is good can ever last. 



They came from the fridgid Northern Mountains where no travellers ever ventured due to the sure death that awaited them there. Trolls had only ever been seen rarely among the people of Velheria. Tales of enormous snowbeasts with fangs that could cleave a man's arm off and the strength of ten men were told to scare children into behaving. However, like most legends, these tales were based on something much more real than their imaginations. These beasts came down in numbers the likes of which hadn't been seen in the greatest armies. Enormous, muscled terrors tore into the landscape and killed any foolhardy enough not to flee. With them, these beasts brought a wretched cold that descended upon Velheria like a blanket that smothered babies in their cribs, killed the livestock, and destroyed the crops. The Troll Hoarde beat down the people of Velheria until they were but a shadow of their former selves. 



What followed was a period known as the Great Exiling. Humans, unlike Dwarves or Elves, lived out in the open in stone cities that they believed were easily defendable. When the Trolls proved they couldn't do so, the Northmen gathered as much of their belongings as they could and began the long trek South and West to find lands where they could live in peace. They were plagued by the ravenous attacks of the Trolls the entire way there and less than half of their number were said to make it. Many who were too far North to make the journey safely simply stayed and took their chances. There are numerous small groups of people living across Velheria's vast frozen landscape, just trying to eke out a living. The majority of those who made this enormous trek however settled in Grimsvar, an enormous stone city originally built with the aid of the Dwarves who have since retreated into their mountain strongholds due to the infestation of trolls. A Dwarf hasn't been seen for nigh on fifty years and the Elves have always been mysterious in the paths they take. In Velheria, humans are very much alone in the battle against the elements and the very earth itself.


"Velheria is where hope comes to die. Go no further less you wish a painful death."