Spectum is a lounge/apartment complex made from the bones of an old warehouse. It is run by Tristian, who took money out of his pocket to form this building into what it is now. The income guidelines for apartments are low, or of no cost to anyone seeking immediate shelter.


The lounge is the main attraction, and has just about everything anyone could ask for in a place to spend time away from home. There is a bar and party area separated from the main room. Another separated area is the indoor pool and hot tub room. The last area that is disconnected is the kitchens, which has a full staff ready to serve food and drink at any given time. The main lounge itself is filled with an array of different places to sit or lay down. There are arcade machines lining the walls, as well as pool tables, foosball, air hockey, and other fun games.


Building layout: .




!: Treat others with respect. We are all fighting our own battles, so please don't add another incoming attack to someone's life. This rule includes the zero tolerance of discriminatory words and/or actions.


@: This room is for both chat and role play, and both may occur at the same time. If the scroll is bothering you, simply move your rp or chat to a PM.


#: For those who live and/or work at Spectrum, you have a responsibility to help keep the peace. Failure to do so, or creation of drama will find out banned.


%: There is absolutely no God Modding allowed here.


^: No discrimination of any kind. If your heart has hatred for certain people due to your beliefs, this likely isn't the place for you. Kindly take your ignorance elsewhere, and come back once you have gained some insight.

The All Inclusive Lounge