The Brotherhood of Mutants

Room Name: The Brotherhood

{Even rebellions aren't won in a day. This group is under construction. Because of RPH's site issues, it is unable to be linked at this time.}

Information to Go By:

This group was made with intentions of role play combined with the films and partially the comics. Since it will lean more towards the films, it will take place after X-Men 2. Due to the change of events in Days of Future Past, the third movie (X-Men 3: The Last Stand) has been erased from history and the events during X-Men 2 are altered. Pertaining to the group name, I am hoping to see more henchmen of the Brotherhood around. It's about time Mutants made a proper rise to power.

Current Rules

1. There will be a limit to the group total of Original Characters allowed to join. There aren't any in the group as of 6/22/2014, but the limit will be three. On this subject, crossovers aren't allowed. We all love Marvel, but if you want Secret Wars, you'll have to find another place.

2. Any serious role play to relate to the plot(when we get one going) will be semi-paragraph to multi-paragraph in length. In fact, we wish to avoid novella length posts, which is above three paragraphs long, OR, posts that take up the entire room. When role play is going on, either an OOC room will be made, or it will be kept to a minimum.

3. No relatives to canon characters that don't exist in the comics or films. Doubles, triples and etc. won't be allowed in room role play, but will be allowed to join the group as back up characters. That way, in case something happens to a canon character and they are unable to participate in group role play for a long period of time, they will be replaced. To elaborate, if you are absent for more than ten days, your position will be made available. However, character absences will only be monitored when the group has a story in effect.

4. Very important: Be able to write efficiently, which means use punctuation, spelling and capitilization CORRECTLY. Typos happen, but please, don't waste our time with bad writing.

5. No smut images visible in profiles or smut in the room.

6. No "lurkers". ESPECIALLY if your character is not in any way related to the X-Men universe. Idling in a room a day or so may be allowed, but if you're caught sitting in the room for days or weeks at a time without speaking or posting, you will be kicked.

7. Last, but not least, we are here to have a good time role playing. Do not bring, stir up or cause drama. Speaking about drama in the room is prohibited for obvious reasons and will warrant punishments including, but not limited to, kicks. Sure, this is the internet, but if you or someone's behavior is disturbing the room, it will be stopped. Related to this, the owner and mod(s) are open to your situations. Do not hesitate to PM us if there is a problem between you and a group member. It will be assessed and resolved as soon as Mutantly possible.