Roleplay based on the MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. Image above links to the Wikia, though taken information from there will be races, classes, story, equipment, items, ect. The story will be edited to accommodate the group and its members. The base party will bass off of Kyara and her party. Those within will be added later once they join or characters are created. Currently, the spots taken in this party is Scholar and Paladin. One more spot remains for the Light party. A full party still has the remaining four slots open for those that ask.


Up to date players would be nice, for I haven't played the game since before the first expansion... A mixture of uninterest and lack of money made me quit the game, not to mention I was maxed for the time and got pretty bored of running things for others.



1: Multiple classes can be played on one character, though when starting an adventure, all characters must start from the beginning with only one class "leveled up."

2: Smut is allowed in the chat, only if the characters involved are alone in the chat. If any more are present, it must be taken to PMs. Some romance is acceptable in the chat, though if it gets too out of hand, this is decided when people begin complaining, it should be taken to PMs until decided by neutral parties.

3: No characters know everything about another unless agreed upon the other character. This adds knowing their past as well, if they are known to be the Ultima slayer or something along those lines, it is acceptable to hear about them and some of their accomplishments within Eorzea.

4: Any complaints made by those known to have grudges against others will be looked at by neutral parties and or mods/owners.

5 Requests must be made for the main canon roles, such as Minfilia, Merlwyb, ect.

6: Crossovers are allowed, but only from other Final Fantasy games with a decent story to explain why they are there. Any and all other Square Enix games are out of the question unless they appear in the game. [ That does mean events make it possible. Use what they do to bring them in, we can work with permanent placements if you really wish to keep the said character. ]

7: No classes that are not in the game are accepted, but pictures of characters with the weapons in the game are accepted. I know there aren't an unlimited amount of images out there yet.