Welcome to Role Play Haven's only Soul Eater Group!


There will be updates to this page, as the needs arise.


This group is dedicated to the world of Soul Eater!


Our official room is SoulxEater.


Main Manga


Side Manga




More often than not, the group will be more on par with the manga than the anime, so being up to date is a good thing.


Currently, we do not have a set plot until we keep a steady flow of characters. If we gain enough active members, we will make a storyline to be roleplayed.


But for now, here are student missions to roleplay and have fun with!


Shibusen Mission Board


A Few Group Guidelines:


No Drama. Do not bring your problems [from anywhere else] into our room. If you have a problem with a certain person, then take it to PM, or, if necessary, block that person. Arguments in the room will not be tolerated. If you disrupt roleplay with drama, you will most likely be booted. Trolling will most likely end up in a ban after a single warning.


No Crossovers. This group is meant for Soul Eater, and Soul Eater Not! characters only. As long as your character is based off of these series, then you may roleplay. Otherwise, you will not be admitted into the group, or to join in any RP in the room. You may enter the room on another character in order to ask questions or see what characters we might want you to make, but no RP will take place with you.


Double Characters: We have no problem with double canons, both in the group, and in the room. However, if one certain canon is roleplaying in the room, and you wish to roleplay also, then either pick a different character for the time being, or roleplay with a different group of people. There will be no fighting over characters. While Mods/Owners have seniority over the canons they might play, others are welcome to make the characters and play as well, but your character's plot will have no effect on someone elses character of the same name. Think about having a reserve character to RP if someone else is being a character you already have.


Original Characters: OC's are very welcome in the group and roleplay. We encourage you to be as creative as possible, as long as you stay within the guidelines of the actual series. More over, if you have a problem with RPing with OC's, this is not a group for you.


Relationships: We don't mind if you and someone else have a pairing going with your characters, however all sexual activity outside of the occasional kiss or cuddle, MUST be in PM or elsewhere. Canon/OC relationships are also fine. If you have a problem with an OC being with a canon, then look the other way, or leave the room, but it IS going to happen. Again, if you don't like this, this group is not for you.


Staff Powers: As stated by Sadako herself, Owners/Mods have absolute power within their rooms/groups. If you piss them off, they will most likely boot you. If a Mod is abusing their power and kicking without reason, they will most likely be removed from the position, or at the very least, be spoken with. Any staff member as the right to boot anyone that is causing trouble.


A final note, just to be clear. The Owners do not care what room you come from, or who you are. Everyone is welcome into the group, as long as your goal is roleplay. Please do not be spiteful and troll, just because you might not care for us from another room. Thank you.



If you would like to affiliate your group with ours, please ask one of the owners. Everyone is welcome.


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