Welcome to the grand reopening

of Edge Bar!

...well, it's not exactly brand new,

it's been around for a few months

now. But its owner had been away

for a few months. But he seems to

to be back for the time being. So

that sort of counts as it's own thing

right? At least, we hope so.


Anyhow. At least now people can

have some place to have a drink

without being disturbed.


The purpose of the Edge Bar is to

create stories for each of its customers.

There is no overarching plot, but simply

contained stories from each person that

enters the bar. It is a bar, not a battleground.

As such, do not disrespect the bar, its

tender, or the customers within it.



We are now hiring! If you feel as if you

can bring something to the bar, feel free

to say something within the room to Alex.

The positions available are as follows:



1) A cook to open up the cocktail bar to serve food as well as drinks.

2) A bartender to help with customers as more come to the bar. (This is unneeded for the time being.)

3) A piano player.

4) A jazz musician. Both music players are to help bring some soul to the Edge.

5) A manager that is willing to help with legal paperwork. 




1) This is just a regular player that knows how to cook properly.

2) A good knowledge of mixing drinks would be needed. Either google or life experience would help here.

3 & 4) This is to just get some character within the Edge. Scour the internet for the best music around!

5) This is to help get the Edge known within RPH. If you want to take a managing position, you would need to help with coding the page to make it look better. Thanks in advance.





1: Do not do OOC when you walk in. This isn't a place to chat, this is a place to roleplay.


2: This is a high-class bar. Not for the people who don't know what they're doing. Posts are expected to be

at least three lines. It's not that hard to do three lines when you take in body movement, thoughts, etc.


3: If you must OOC, at least make one post before doing so. This follows after Rule #2. Do so in (brackets) or equivalent.


4: Don't worry about requesting to join, just click the join button. It's a bar, after all. Anyone (within reason) is welcome.

Check Rule #6 for what 'within reason' is.


5: Don't mess about. Again, it's a high-class bar both in roleplay and the players themselves. If you make

yourself look like a hooligan or a fool, expect to be kicked without question.


6: Make sure to have a proper profile and character sorted out. This doesn't have to be a fancy profile, but

at least have something that fleshes your character out. Oh, and make sure it's a human, or at least a character

that appears to be human. It's high-class, after all, and set in a moderate realistic setting. Don't come in expecting

to waltz in looking like a snake and not get weird looks. No offence to any snakes.


7: Above all else, make sure to have fun. A bar is a place of tranquility, to relax. This isn't the place to

bitch about other rooms, or other people. It's a place for characters to share their experiences with others

and gain insight on their life. It is truly a wonderful time when you have a drink here.


8: The Edge is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, each night closing at 2am GMT.

If you get kicked around this time, do not worry! It merely means the bar is shut for the night.

Thanks for your co-operation during this time in advance.