The Falseworld Project


The Trita Lux Galaxay


The Centri Star Ship Angel (CSS ANGEL)


The Falseworld Project


A) The Chronotanisians

Literally speaking; the Chronotanisians are a race of fair skinned, bipedial beings that posess opposible thumbs and the cognitive abilities to think freely and identifiy ones self as being an invividual. Within the CORE's databanks they are listed as Species 18069, being the 18069th group of beings consitered to be self aware and able to fuction past natrual primative or biologically programmed actions.


Historically the Chronotanisians were one of the few surviving races of the collpase of universe 213.12.21 (This designation is based on it's enterance location as compaired to the barycenter of Falseworld, being the CORE). They were the first race to discover Falseworld as well as the first race to discover the unique properties matter had within Falseworld. There are currently 83 known living members of the race, placing it on the Endangered Spieces list under catagory of Critically Endangered.


B) The System Room

C) The Archive

D) The CORE (Controller Operated Routine Execution system)


Trita Lux Galaxy (The Alliance ) (Guardian Directorate )


A) Mytius, Giruka & Felti System (Trita Lux )

a) Centri

aa) The Centri Council

b ) Guardia

c ) Las Vagas Space Casino

d ) Leannan

e) Targus Station*

f) Tenaria


B) Spheran System (Sol )

a) Sphera (Earth )

b ) Jupiter Station (Neutral)

c ) The Outter Ring (Outter Asteroid Colonies)


C) Dentri and Vamier (Nullus )

a) Nulden

b )Ayeen


D) Omega Sector (The Void )

a) Roplaga Station

b ) Agmaui Segye


E) Falseworld (Origin Point )


*Targas Station is listed as having no allegiance because it's population is zero. The entire population of the station disappeared on Centri Date 3-2-4-4366. Previous to this date it was listed as a Neutral with a Alliance swing.


3)The Centri Star Ship ANGEL (Sub-Battle Cruiser )


A) Specifications

B) Falseworld System

C) Crew Roster

D) Deck Layout:

a) Deck 1 - Bridge, Gene's Quarters, Ships Briefing room, Falseworld Room

b) Deck 2 - General Quarters, Galley, Commons Room (Ships research station)

c) Deck 3 - Engineering, Weapons Systems, Stores (Ship's replication system store rooms)

d) Deck 4 - Launching Bay, Ships Guest Quarters, Security Office

e) Deck 5 - Falseworld Engine Room (Under Lockdown), Ship's Railgun System, Defense Systems

f) Deck 6 - Rec Room, Medical Bay, Gym, Pool, and Loading Dock 1 - 3

g) Deck 7 - Cargo Bays 1-8, Armory

h) Deck 8 - Observation Deck, Ships Security Brigg


4) Other Ships of Note ( Centri Star Ships)


A) CSS AETAS (Battle Cruiser )

B) CSS EUPHRATES (Transport Carrier )

C) CSS FIREHAWK ( Sub-Battle Cruiser )

D) CSS GEARHEART ( Supercarrier )

E) CSS HEARTAWAY ( Battle Cruiser )

F) CSS OMEGA ( Sub-Battle Cruiser )

G) CSS TARGUS ( Transport Carrier )

H) CSS ZERO CUTTER ( Science Cruiser )


5) Other Ships of Note ( Her Royal Forces )


A) HRF ALPHA ( Battle Cruiser )

B) HRF BLACKHAWK (Supercarrier )

C) HRF HERETIC ( Supercarrier )

D) HRF JEALOUS THOUGHT ( Transport Carrier )

E) HRF TANGIBLE ( Sub-Battle Cruiser )


G) HRF ZERO-ONE ( Science Cruiser )