The Clan. The Tribe. The Hive. Who will you be? Will you be the Hunter of the Void, stalking any who are worthy? Will you leave your cradle, to colonize and expand in the hopes of your race will survive? Will you grow strong and  butcher the others with your sheer strength and  numbers? You will decide your fate in this game and in this game, there may be many players.

















    Alien Versus Predator: The Scions- This setting takes place years after the AVP3(2010) and Weyland-Yutani have been working upon  creating a Super-Soldier formidable enough to fight againest the other races. From their efforts, born were the Elysian Legion and  The Horizon Commandos, who currently at war with each other to weed out the weaker of the two groups. The USCM is stuck allied with the corporation and protecting colonies from all the others. Weyland-Yutani, Predators, and Xenomorphs are the USCM's shitlist after messing around and killing good men. This is no Romance of the Three Kingdoms, just a War of Worlds and Monsters.






Xenomorphs: Natural mutation and Altered by artificial means, these dominate the very being of a Xenomorph's nature.

Green-Yellow K-Series, Regular variation, and the Mighty Red strain from Xeno Prime










Predator:Due the complex nature of Predators, this area will split between Traditional and Rogue. The Clans  stir with news of prey and disturbing rumors of rogue clans and Hunters. Humanities desecration of the temple of the King. The Elite clan sent a messangers to Clans and the Ancients, to discuss the fate of humanity for it's grave deeds upon BG-386. Yet, their attention is split by Three new clans, that do not obey the laws of the Hunt. They have been named by their nature. Each Clan will be listed and fleshed out, after information is gathered about them.


Traditional Clans:

 Supreme Hunters(Military of the Yaut'ja)



 The Clans(Assembly of Clans)




 The Rogues








The Killers- Like the Zealots, they were truly the worse. They killed simply to kill. They killed Yautja in the distant past and in the recent history. After their encounter of  Machiko Noguchi and her allies, they were reduced to a few. Instead of hiding, they went to the Pariahs, recruiting from the most stable and least mutated. Soon they flourished, they caught another queen and trained her brood, they were right back where they had started before their fated meeting of the Alliance of Human and Yautja. This time they gathered for a meeting of Outcasts, all Bad Bloods were brought into the light. Into the light and made an offer...




The Pariahs:Bad-Bloods who have killed other  Yautja. Many have done it willingly,other no so much. The Super-Predators  once again in power, after a disappearance of the original Triad have become the Leaders of this Horde. Having assumed dominance and  the likes, they alter themselves in various ways to become better hunters. From genetic alteration to cybernetics, as long as they can be superior to their prey. They hunt all prey with some obeying the Old Laws of the Hunt. While the  majority don't care, as long as they can kill. Their chaotic nature and factions often make it impossible for  it to find a common goal or cause to fight for.


The Zealots: From the distant reaches of  space, their skin as black  as obsidian. Children of the Black Warrior, his teachings as dark and vicious as most fates of Hunters met, they walk a dark path. This wicked clan's reputation was once great, many sought the favor of them  till a war ignited, they fought the  Killers beside the other clans. This was till their ship was shot down and landed upon a planet that was able to sustain them. Abandoned by the rest of the species(or so they thought), they continued to grow, till a blue dreaded  and  entirely alabaster shaman spoke of being the shepard they needed to lead them back to their home,with teachings of the Black Warrior's grim legacy to define their species. They live by death is death, but kill no child for they have yet to feel true suffering.

Signature weapons: Scythes and Glaives

Appearance:Their Leader is white as the finest snow and with dreads a pale blue while the rest of the Children have become Ebon.They stand a foot taller than regular predators with varying eye color.





Weyland-Yutani:They rule currently, while other smaller Corporations  colonize and try to find elements and an edge to battle the oppressive competition. Secret  Projects and Old Secrets is what the Wey-Yu is built on and they will crush any and all to preserve their domination, for the betterment of Humanity or so they say. WIP









The Elysians: Each member is partially non-human. Though who the donor is unknown. They are unstable and prone to depression or suicidal tendencies that may benefit everyone else. Otherwise they are extremely well trained and taken care of. Born on the planet named Elysium and the Compound in which they were raised, they were given names of  the Greek Pantheon.  Most served on Elysium but others were shipped out and trained elsewhere and given different names. What makes them special is their cybernetic and genetic abilities, they are faster, stronger, and smarter than the average human. Modifications to their eyes and  their brains with cutting edge tech that WY had supplied allowed these Soldiers to  be able to combat an average Drone Xenomorph with an edged weapon and multiple warriors with pistols.