History Book

This group is centered around roleplay of a historical nature.

Please do not add characters that do not occur in either a fictional sense or are actual historical figures.


The following rules MUST be abided by:

1. No sexual situations with any character under the age of 13. Don't like it? You can always rp somewhere else.

2. Semi and up are required for roleplaying with several of the members here.

3. Do not make up history as you go along. Try to be as accurate as possible.

4. Do not add fantasy to history. There are plenty of other groups for that. NO TIME-TRAVELLING CHARACTERS! Just because you (as a fantasy/sci-fi character) travel to history, does not make you a historical character!

5. You may post ads for finding a roleplay partner, but no roleplaying in the message board! (It doesn't allow long posts, anyway.)

6. Please understand that history has both its darkness and its light, as with anything. You may find some of the events depicted by characters (accurate to their time) to be a bit disturbing. Try to place nice with each other, and keep such to a playful minimum. Remember, we are all adults here, so sanitizing history is not needed, nor is it appreciated. However, please handle some subjects delicately, as being utterly offensive can turn people off to wanting to be part of the club. PLEASE DO NOT ROLEPLAY ANYTHING SERIOUS IN THE CHAT-ROOM. Only half-ic banter is permitted. (Keep it PG-13 to R rating only. Nothing X rated is permitted in the room itself.) Take your serious roleplays to PM, please.

7. Be sure to apply to the group with a character occuring before the year 1995, please. I know even yesterday can be considered history, but I would prefer something more distant than that.

Here are some of the historical eras that are already being represented by characters in this group:

(Tell me, when you join, via the message board, what era you are, if it is not already listed.)

1. Ancient Roman times, the first century AD/CE.

2. 18th Century (1700's)

3. World War I.

4. 1920's

5. World War II.