1.) Treat each other with civility. 2.) OC's must be approved prior to RP.

3.) OOC shall be limited when RP is in progress. 


 I must stress first and foremost that this is a roleplaying group -- if you're looking to do the typical half-in character, half-out out of character one-lining most groups seem to gravitate towards, it'd be in your best interest not to join.

 Secondly, I'd ask that you remember what it is that you're roleplaying. Resident Evil is firmly planted in the survival horror genre, as opposed to what RE4 and/or RE5 might have you believing. Action and machismo are great in moderation, so long as you remember it's just one piece of the equation.


 Our stories all begin with Umbrella, a bio-weapons manufacturer hiding behind a medicinal façade. Established by Oswell E. Spencer, the company earned world-wide acclaim as a healthy, family-oriented business producing quality foods, cosmetics, and consumer products. Beyond the veil, they operated as a major international player in a number of markets including illegal pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and genetic engineering.

Resident Evil is about lives ruined by the Umbrella Corporation and the survivor's mission to snuff out all remains of the organization's influence.




 Resident Evil differs a little bit from your average group on RPH due to its unique method of story-telling, exploring the events of numerous incidents across a lengthy span of time. For this reason an equally different approach is needed when it comes to roleplay among more than two people at a time. 

 At the top of this page you'll find two buttons; Main and Messages. Clicking Messages will redirect you to the official RPH Resident Evil message board, the hub used in establishing the basics for roleplay. Here you can build and comment on scenarios with like-minded typists, discussing all the intricate details involved in any particular scene before jumping into the fray.