It started out quietly enough. A blip on the world affairs at the end of the news. The Chinese government called it a 'localized outbreak of an unknown virus' and assured the world it was under control. Social media begged to differ. Various uploads of what seemed like people brutalizing others on the streets of Hong Kong shed more light on the subject, but no one gave it anymore thought. Violent protests happened all the time, right? Unconfirmed detonations of a nuclear weapon over the city a week later changed all that, but by then it was all too late.


Current things to know.


Trains, automobiles and planes ensured the virus's spread to every corner of the globe. What had once been grainy video on youtube was now beamed across the world in high definition or seen in your very back yard. Major metropolitan areas were hit hardest as militaries were caught off guard and overwhelmed by size of the areas that needed to be quarantined. New York, Los Angeles and most every other city in the world soon grew dark as the plague spread across the heartland of America.

It's been two years since the first sign of patient zero. Most all cities have been abandoned-- save for those desperate enough to attempt salvaging items of value or running from things worse than the living dead. Sparse pockets of the old government and military still cling to the hope of turning the tide of this war, but for the most part, the world belongs to the dead and those hard enough to have survived the outbreak.



Ways to be Infected and Types of Zombies

Patient Zero - The first recorded infection was in China, though it is clear that this was not the first ever infected. The trigger for Patient Zero's creation is unknown.

Saliva - A Zombie's saliva is liquid virus. It mixes with a human's blood and it throws said human into a zombied state.

Types of Zombies

Amputes - These Zombies are hindered in movement by lost limbs. (Leg(s) or arm (s)) They cannot move or grapple as well as more whole Zombies.

Walkers (Commonly called 'Movies') - These Zombies are strong, but their hearts stopped before the infection took over, thus they are slow, much like the shambling zombies in older films.

Runners - These guys were the not so lucky ones. Their hearts remained beating to pump the Virus entirely through their veins. They can run like nevermind and do not grow fatigued. Often, they are created due to being bitten, but getting away from the horde/Zombie before becoming a meal.




-- Out of Character Disclaimer - 

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