♣  Caines Cove
They say that every small town has secrets.  Caines Cove is no exception.
Nestled against Anderson Lake sits a small town with picket fences and perfect lawns.  There are the typical ammenities of any small suburban area.  Hardware store, three screen movie theater, a pharmacy, as well as a pub.  Everyone knows everyone and says "hello" as they pass by. 
They have their usual problems as well.  Bullies, minor theft from the grocer, slight vandalism, but nothing too insideous... Right?
OOC  ♦  
- All characters MUST have a face claim.  Flesh and blood.
- Not everyone can be a murderer.  There are other wonderful sins to  
  choose from.
- No sex in the room.  Keep it in PMs.
- I want deep characters.
- Life ruining secrets are a good thing.
- The only sin not allowed is pedophelia.  Nothing with little kids.
- The story line is open.  If people have suggestions, I am open.
- The usual No Drama OOC, No trolling etc applies here
-REALISM.  No supernatural stuff AT all.
- Subject to add more rules as needed
 ♥  Secrets
If you could see the truth behind this small town, you would find that every citizen has a dark secret.
This town is filled with disgusting acts debauchery, black mail and even in some cases murder.

No, the people of Caines Cove are hiding dark sinister things behidn those perfect teeth and bright smiles.  It's rather odd how they all ended up in the same town.
Disclaimer   ♠ 
You'll regret coming here. You will be dissolved into the madness and utter wickedness of this town. This town was like a sponge. Like it was a life of its own. It would make you feel safe. Make you feel like your sins happened for a reason. But, it came at a price. The price was your soul. Never one ever left Caines Cove. There was only one way out of this fucking hell town and it wasn't by physical means. This town thrived on the sins of its residence. In return, their secrets, no matter how bloody... Were safe.
  Wicked Little Town